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"Before I started going to Yvonne Ralston I was suffering from a completely compressed disc at L5-S1 level in my lower back.  I had constant pain radiating in my lower back, all the way down the sciatic nerve and then down my leg and through to my left ankle.  I had a difficult time focusing at my job, was on a myriad of pain meds and generally in a state of malaise.  My brother had referred me to Yvonne.  I wanted to get some relief – any relief at all.

My biggest change while working with Yvonne was a much greater awareness of my body, where the pain was coming from and my ability to control it and not just be a passive participant in the pain spiral I was in.  We usually spoke all throughout the 90 minute session.  It helped me relax by being able to talk and verbalize my stress and my pain.  Yvonne exposed me to rolfing, various breathing techniques and pain awareness.  Yvonne first went through the 10 plus various sessions of rolfing   She then went to training for BioSync and we incorporated that into the therapy.  Biosync helped stretch and loosen my body.  I even felt like I could breathe better and deeper.

In between the sessions I went to Germany to have an artificial disc replacement.  I believe, and the doctors told me that my therapy and muscle tone greatly enhanced my post therapy and healing.

I have now been able to go back to my life before pain and focus on my family and my job.  I pay much more attention to my body and my health now.  I don’t take my body for granted like I used to."

– Joe Zeidner,  Lawyer


Before I met Vonnie,  I was crooked and in a lot of pain.  I have been seeing Vonnie regularly for over 4 years and she is by far the BEST massage therapist I have ever been to.  Vonnie is intuitive, peaceful and calm when she works on me yet she has the ability to move so deeply into frozen shoulders, ribs, stomach, jaw, hips and thighs that I feel like a completely new person when I leave her. I refer my friends, clients and yoga students to Vonnie all of the time, I love her so much that I buy gift certificates for my friends and family so that they can experience her healing touch.  She is a gifted body worker and we as a community are blessed to have her!  Thank you Vonnie!!

– Amanda Moxley, Holistic Health Counselor


I received a series of Rolfing from Vonni about two years ago.   My initial purpose for going was to relieve symptoms of sciatica.  I was amazed by the effectiveness of just a few treatments; so, I signed up for a full series of Rolfing.

Treatments were intense at times, but Vonni's competency, thoroughness, professionalism, and compassion made the process positive.  When blocks, particularly in my hips, became apparent, she worked me through the blocks with sensitivity.  Through the process with Vonnie, I became more aware of my body and the stress I unknowingly stored.  The release of blocks not only released me on a physical level, but set me free emotionally, as well. 

After my series with Vonnie was complete, I decided to be kinder to myself.  I became more diligent in my yoga practice and let go of some of my high impact activities.   I also started becoming aware of my personal relationships and the effects they had on me physically and emotionally.   

Vonni was able to foster trust so that I could more quickly realize the benefits of the amazing bodywork she was performing. She took the time to answer any questions. I really sensed a genuine caring from Vonni.

Thank you, Vonni.  I'm glad I was fortunate enough to experience you and your magic.

– Dana Brewster


When I arrived on Vonnie's table my body was screaming for attention,  not just table work,  but more so daily awareness of posture and position.
Thanks Vonnie!

– Jim Williams, Williams Realty


I have been working with Yvonne for some months.  I am a 55 year semi-retired attorney who likes to ski, play golf and travel.  Although I do regularly attend Bikram Yoga classes, I found that my range of motion was in need of improvement.  Vonni has been great to deal with specific areas regarding primarily range of motion.  Between skiing and golf, I needed flexibility in both lower and upper body and have found that in working with Vonni, I continue to make progress in the areas I need it most.

Vonni can tailor make a program to fit any specific body ailments.  I have found her to be very knowledgeable, accommodating as well as pleasant.  I have always felt better after a workout than I did before I met with her.  I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone.

– John R. Thackeray
Johansen-Thackeray Commercial Real Estate Services, L.C.

I went through the Rolfing series with Vonni after having a committed yoga practice for 4 years.  The yoga had already made noticeable changes in my body and spirit but I still felt there was more.  Rolfing magnified these changes as every session left me feeling like a different person.  Somehow lighter both physically and emotionally.  I still feel these changes after 2+ years as I am more aware of my body and how I move through the world and interact with others in a more positive way.  Vonni's strong, intuitive hands and understanding spirit gave me all the support needed in helping me create positive change in all aspects of my life.

– Susan Clement


I’ve been a client of Vonni’s for about 7 months. I have enjoyed every session and look forward to them all. She has a great personality and is very interested in how I am doing physically and mentally and how my body is working for me. I am an avid skier and mtn. biker and so is Vonni. This makes it easy for her to relate to my body and the work that needs to be done. I also like the fact that she’s always offering helpful hints and techniques for me to work on between sessions which I enjoy. Thanks to Vonni I am much more aware of my body and how it works. She is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been worked on by and I would recommend her highly! 

– Scott Raynor, Owner of Valdez Heli-Ski Guides


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