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Deep Tissue Therapies
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Body therapy to help you move better, feel better, live better!


BioSync may be the most effective type of Structural Bodywork out there. Clients typically experience change after one session, noticing an immediate opening of the body which creates for them; increased flexibility and range of motion, a decrease in pain and distress, and a visible structural/postural change.

 Full Sessions:
 2 hour session    $160.00 
 1½ hour session    $120.00 

Shorter sessions:   
The shorter session was created for those clients with busy schedules, frequent appointments, financial reasons, and also some bodies do not handle the full session well.
70 minutes   $90


Structural Integration:
The Rolf method of Structural Integration involves realigning, balancing, and lengthening the body by systematically addressing the soft tissues. Each session builds upon the last balancing the body in segments, improving flexibility, relieving stress, decreasing pain, and increasing body awareness until complete reorganization is achieved.

The 10 Session series
These sessions run between 70-90 minutes
$1000 for the complete series

Individual Sessions:
70 minutes   $90
1½ hour   $120                                     


Deep Tissue Massage
With slower strokes and more direct pressure, this massage works through stiff, painful areas loosening tight muscles and spasms, increases blood flow, reduces stress, detoxifies the body, and promotes an increased feeling of relaxation and well-being.

 1 hour    $80
 1½ hour    $110 


Relaxing Swedish Massage
This massage uses longer fluid strokes integrating cranial sacral therapy and reflexology to relax the nervous system, accelerate lymphatic drainage, and eliminate the negative effects of stress on the body.

 1 hour    $80
 1½ hour    $110 


Package prices:
$10 off each session when purchasing 3 or more.

I offer a sliding scale available to those in need.  The work I do is very powerful and physical; I really want to share the benefits with everyone interested, so when my schedule allows I can take a limited number of sessions at a reduced rate. Please ask.

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