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About Yvonne

yvonneYvonne Ralston Tomlinson is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Structural Integrator, and BioSync Consultant with over 12 years of hands-on bodywork experience.

Originally, Yvonne studied Anthropology and Conservation and Resource Studies at the University of California Berkeley where she was also a varsity crew athlete.  After graduation, she soon realized her heart's work was with helping other people, so a couple of years afterwards she moved to Utah in 1995 and enrolled in the Utah College of Massage Therapy.

Quickly discovering that basic massage school would not offer enough education about working with the body, Yvonne looked into more advanced classes. She began studying Structural Integration at UCMT and was a teacher’s assistant with the program for 2 years.  She also studied Cranial Sacral Therapy at Bastyr University in Seattle Washington; took Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physiology at the University of Utah; and studied with Mark Lamm the founder of BioSync in Laguna Beach California.

The focus of her work is Deep Tissue Therapy and her intention is to help facilitate people in becoming more flexible, increasing their range of motion, decreasing their chronic and acute pain, releasing old patterns of stress and tension, encouraging structural and postural changes; all of which can improve one’s energy, vitality, performance, confidence, outlook on life, and health.

Yvonne has experienced her own share of injuries over the years which on a positive note have helped her to understand her clients’ needs and feelings better and also helped her to realize the profound effects of different deep tissue therapies first hand.  She withstood a severe car accident in 1997 suffering a broken neck (miraculously emerging with no paralysis and with much effort, very little compromised movement) and a severely damaged knee and ankle.  As a result, Yvonne had immediate neck surgery and three knee surgeries over time to try and correct the structural damage.  She has also had skiing accidents leading to another knee surgery, so she understands well the process of healing and rehabilitation.

Yvonne believes very passionately in bodywork for healing, lengthening, and keeping her body open.  She is also a strong advocate of a regular yoga practice and believes that the combination of bodywork and yoga will dramatically slow and even reverse the aging process.  Yvonne encourages all of her clients to start practicing yoga to learn more about their bodies and understand their current limitations so that they can take a more active role in their own healing process realizing their own potential for change.

In her free time Yvonne enjoys being outside in the Wasatch Mountains; backcountry, cross-country, and downhill skiing in the winter and hiking and mountain biking in the summer.  She also loves surfing and manages to travel to the warm ocean at least once a year.  Landscaping and gardening are hobbies of hers and being from Seattle Washington home of lush green gardens, she is constantly learning more about water-wise plants and desert landscapes.

Yvonne Ralston Tomlinson, L.M.T
Salt Lake City, Utah

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