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Deep Tissue Therapies
Yvonne Ralston Tomlinson L.M.T.
Body therapy to help you move better, feel better, live better!

BioSync, Structural Integration, Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage
Yvonne Ralston Tomlinson:
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Structural Integration Practitioner
Certified BioSync Consultant

structural alignment

'As the body begins to open and move with greater ease, so does the mind; physical and emotional energy improves and less energy is required to function.'

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Yvonne Ralston Tomlinson has over 2000 hours of training and has been in private practice for over 12 years.  While most of her work is concentrated in Deep Tissue Modalities, Yvonne uses a variety of bodywork and movement techniques to help her clients experience greater freedom in their bodies.  She is dedicated to helping those people who are willing to help themselves and take an active role in their own process of change. Dozens of clients testify to the improvements they have experienced from her services.

Everyone starts to hurt, shrink, become stiff, lose energy, and experience depression at some point in their lives; it may be a result of a traumatic accident, severe overuse whether sports or work related, lack of movement, or just the normal aging process.  By no means do we have to live with these compromises and bodywork is an excellent way to facilitate change.

Change Your Body, Change Your Life!

Yvonne Ralston Tomlinson, L.M.T
Salt Lake City, Utah

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